frequently asked questions

How exactly does a booking take place?

Have you found your ideal holiday home and would you like to reserve it? Select the desired period on the calendar on the detail page of the house. An overview of the price appears to the right of the calendar, with the button "book" at the bottom.

Then fill in the composition of the travel group, indicate whether you want insurance and fill in your personal details. Click on the button "book" to forward your booking to us.

Have you sent your request and you do not receive a confirmation immediately? Don't panic, we have to process your request first. As soon as this has happened (if you booked in the evening, this will be the following morning), you will receive a confirmation email from us with payment invitation.

After your booking has been accepted, you immediately pay the advance payment (50% of the rent), together with the accommodation tax, the administration costs and the insurance (if you chose this).

6 weeks before departure you will receive an email from us asking you to pay the balance (the other 50% of the rent), together with the deposit.

After everything has been paid, we will send you your voucher with all practical information (the address, a route description, the mobile phone number of the contact person on site, some appointments, ...). You can also always download your voucher via our MyReli platform.

What is the difference between an Allianz Cancellation and Exclusive Europe-Selection insurance?

If you opt for the Cancellation Insurance and you meet the the cancellation conditions, Allianz provides for the refund of the rent you paid. You are insured until the moment of arrival, so also during your journey to France.

If you opt for the Exclusive Europe Selection, you will enjoy the cancellation insurance, but also assistance for persons and vehicles, a travel insurance, a compensation trip and capital payment in the event of travel accidents.

More information can be found on our insurance page.


At the holiday home, the number of persons says "8+2". What does this mean?

This means that you can occupy the holiday home with a maximum of 8 adults and 2 children.

Groups with fewer adults and more children (eg 4 + 4) are also welcome, as long as you do not exceed the maximum number of people (10).

The opposite is not possible. You cannot stay at the property with 10 adults. 8 adults is the maximum.


You can rent some holiday homes for a smaller number of people. Is this also possible in July and August?

In July and August you can only rent our holiday homes for full capacity. Outside of July and August you can rent certain houses for a smaller capacity.

You always have the guarantee that the rest of the house is not occupied by another tenant or by the owner. Often certain bedrooms and/or bathrooms are closed.


Can I rent a holiday home for 10 days?

In July and August we rent out our holiday homes only per week or a multiple of this.

Outside of July and August you can rent a holiday home for a different number of days (always more than 1 week). Are you interested in this? Contact us via and we will ask the homeowner if we can accept you request. 


Can my dog come to our holiday home?

Yes, if the owner of the holiday home allows dogs. On our website you will find an icon of a dog under the price of the house. When this icon is crossed out, it means that dogs are not allowed.

Sometimes the owner imposes additional restrictions, such as a maximum weight or a maximum number of dogs. This is also stated on our website (at the bottom, under "facilities").


Are blankets, pillows and sheets provided in the holiday homes?

Blankets or duvets and pillows are always available in our holiday homes. For sheets, mattress protectors and pillowcases, this varies from house to house. On our website you will find what is possible and what the cost is at the detail page of the house.

There are 4 options:

  • sheets are included in the rental price
  • you can rent sheets for a fee (optional)
  • you have to rent sheets for a fee (mandatory)
  • there are no sheets for rent (so you bring them yourself)

You must request sheets in advance via our platform  MyReli.

For cots, we recommend that you provide your own bed linen, unless it is explicitly stated on our website that they are available.


What does a package of towels consist of?

A standard towel package contains 1 large bath towel and 1 small bath towel per person.

There are 4 options:

  • towels are included in the rental price
  • you can rent towels for a fee (optional)
  • you have to rent towels for a fee (mandatory)
  • there are no towels for rent (so you bring them yourself)

You must provide large towels for the pool and kitchen towels yourself, unless stated otherwise on our website.

Towels must be requested in advance via our platform  MyReli.


Can we move into the house earlier than 4 pm?

You can move into the holiday home between 4 pm and 8 pm (= standard time of arrival). This gives the cleaning team enough time to clean the house after the tenants before you have left. For some houses there is a different (later) time of arrival. This is clearly stated on your voucher (which you will receive by e-mail after payment of the balance and which you can always download on our MyReli platform).

Your voucher contains the mobile number of the person who will receive you on site. We ask that you call this person around noon during the outward journey and inform them of your expected time of arrival. If you want to move into the house earlier than 4 pm, you can check whether the house will be ready earlier. Please note: the contact person always has the right to refuse this.

Can we leave the house earlier than 8 a.m.?

Leaving the holiday home is normally provided between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. The contact person is present at that time and will draw up the "state of the house" with you. We rely on this document for the refund of your deposit.

If you wish to leave the holiday home earlier than 8 a.m., please discuss this with the contact person. If he/she is not present at the time of your departure, this means that you automatically accept the "state of the house" document drawn up in your absence (see our terms and conditions).

When do we get the deposit back?

We base the repayment of the deposit on the document "state of the house" (see question above). If everything is in order, we will refund your deposit within a week of departure. Is something wrong? Then we will inform you as soon as possible.

Does the amount we refund not match the amount you paid? Then check your voucher to see if there were any costs to be deducted (e.g. electricity, rent of towels or sheets, pool heating, ...).


Do we book our holiday home online or by telephone/mail?

You can easily book a holiday home online via our website.

Would you rather book by phone? Call us during office hours on +32 (0)16 772 772 and we will be happy to help you.

It is also possible to book by e-mail. Send an email to with your contact details (name, address, telephone number) and let us know which holiday home you wish to book, for what period and with how many people (number of adults and number of children younger than 18 years).

Dropping by at the office is rather exceptional, but it is possible. Contact us by phone or email to schedule an appointment. Our office is located in Lovendegem (near Ghent).


What is the arrangement if I travel with an electric car?

Anyone traveling with an electric car and wishing to charge it on site must indicate this in advance via MyReli. The tenant then sees on MyReli how charging will be charged (according to consumption, via a fixed supplement, etc.).

If the tenant does not inform Reli before departure that he/she will charge an electric car at the holiday home and the owner/contact person notices this during the stay, the owner has the right to charge a supplement of his/her choice for this.